vineri, 23 septembrie 2011

vineri, 23 sept: Miss I & Libe

Club Brain & House Community Iași is bringing you:

Miss I [Groove On/ București]
Miss I is Ioana Parlog from Bucharest. Ioana developed her natural born talent and musical taste from an early stage of her life.She was surrounded by music at a young age as she began studying piano, guided mostly by her mother.Eager to learn more and develop her musical skills, Ioana found out about dj-ing from her father who played music as a side passion, during summertime.Partying and going out in clubs allover the country gave her the possibility to know people that work in the field and also gave her the feeling of what it means for a DJ to play music to clubbers waiting to be impressed. Therefore, about five years ago, she began gathering her own vinyl collection and in 2006 she had her first gig.Every tuesay Miss I has a radio show called Smoothie Grooves on radio Groove on (

Suport local:
Libe [ House Community, Iași]

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