miercuri, 26 ianuarie 2011

sambata, 29 ian. - YVAT [live]

YVAT [U-cover/ Cactus Island/ Boltfish Recordings]
mortlacreier [arhiva7]
eklipse [AKM records]
AV//Satellites [Load-and-Clear netlabel]
visuals by CZC & Setsuna.

Artist based in Bucharest, Yvat brings a fresh Eastern look over electronic music, both destructurated and euphonic, built on overlapped layers of textures. Music persuades an originally approach over geometrical urban shapes and schizoid self in Eastern people condition. After more than 10 years of studio work as professional sound designer and after more that 20 albums, Yvat's music tends to find a mature approach, although there is a need to experiment and to continuously change the themes and expressions. Still, a personal touch on sound can be recognized in all his works even since the first album produced. Yvat's first release - Concert for Violin and Analog Orchestra (2003) - appeared under Experimental Seafood Records, from Birmingham, UK. The album received positive reviews and parts of it were played during John Peel’s Show and on Mixing It show broadcasted by BBC Radio 3. During the following couple of years, the same small elitist English label continued to produce Yvat's music.
After 2004 there followed a track change in Yvat's creative view, consisting in embracement of more electronic tendencies, closed to IDM. This resulted in an impressive number of albums produced by various labels from UK, Belgium, Germany, Israel and Romania.
As a professional sound designer, Yvat implied himself in sampling industry and, at the present, he is one of Power Fx producers. Recently, german sampling company Ueberschall released "The Art of Sounds", an impressive pack of more than 1GB of original sound built exclusively by the artist.

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