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sambata 8 mai - Semiosis[live] @ Baia Turceasca/ Candlestickmaker & Contorsionist @ Brain

is a post rock/ ambient/ electronic project formed in 2008 in Craiova by Alexandru Seidiu (aka Candlestickmaker) and Serban Ilicevici. Their debut album, released on the 2nd of March 2009 on Asiluum (, titled “Pictural” has received great reviews. The album can be downloaded for free from Asiluum.

Candlestickmaker, by his name Alexandru Seidiu, was born and resides in Craiova, Romania.
The first electronica sounds he’d ever heard and he can recall of were during the early ‘90s – Kraftwerk and Jarre… and Enigma too, thanks to his lovely dad. Not very influenced, though. A decade passed and he can remember staring at Aphex Twin videos – mid ‘90s-to-early-‘00s.
But producing music occurred after an older and wiser friend made for his 18th anniversary a DVD with indie & electro stuff – Wisp, Autechre, Aphex Twin… So, our youngster became interested in various electronica acts – and said: “I can do this shit!”. And eventually asked his older and wiser friend for some piece of software for music creation. The big crash (or clash?) produced and it was called Ableton Live 5.
He released two albums on Upitup Records (, "Seeds" in 2007 and "A Life in a Day" in 2009. Both albums can be downloadfed for free from Upitup website.

Contorsionist is an Romanian electronic artist currently signed to netlabel Asiluum. He previously made music under the moniker Blindpixel. His music could be described as breakcore/idm although labels are not required, suggesting “free hand” electronic music as an acceptable term.
He has stated that his music will always be free for download and the tracks are innuendos of real life experiences.
On 1 October 2009 released “Departures”, Contorsionist’s debut EP. The release is up for free download at

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