luni, 15 martie 2010

joi, 18 martie. artist night - Massive Attack

Massive Attack are a collaborative British music production duo from Bristol. Working alongside co-producers, various favoured session musicians and guest vocalists, they make records and tour live. The duo are considered to be progenitors of the trip hop genre.

Originally three in number, DJs Grantley "Grant" Marshall (a.k.a. Daddy G or "G"), Andrew "Andy" Vowles (a.k.a. Mushroom or "Mush") and painter-turned-MC Robert Del Naja (a.k.a. 3D or "D") met as members of DJ/MC collective, The Wild Bunch.

Massive Attack's style is often thought of as being experimental. The duo have talked of their ethos as being to have a very different creative approach to each album and to "avoid the obvious". Some of their most noted songs have been without choruses and have featured dramatically atmospheric dynamics, conveyed through either epic distorted guitar crescendos, lavish orchestral arrangements (like swelling, sustained strings or flourishes of grand piano) or prominent, looped/shifting basslines, often underpinned by high and exacting production values, involving sometimes copious digital editing and mixing. The pace of their music has often been slower than prevalent British dance music at the time. These and other psychedelic, soundtrack-like and DJist sonic techniques, formed a much-emulated style journalists began to dub "trip hop" from the mid-nineties onwards, though in an interview in 2006, G said, "'We used to hate that terminology [trip-hop] so bad,' (laughs) 'You know, as far we were concerned, Massive Attack music was unique, so to put it in a box was to pigeonhole it and to say, "Right, we know where you guys are coming from." via Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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