miercuri, 14 octombrie 2009

JOI 15.10 / The Knife - artist night

One of the group's distinguishing characteristics is their unwillingness to cooperate with the media or the mainstream music scene. The group rarely makes public appearances, most of their promotional photos feature the members wearing masks, usually venetian masks and until recently, they outright refused to perform live concerts. The group has shown themselves in public wearing masks formed as birds' beaks, similar to the traditional Venetian Medico Della Peste masks worn during Carnival.

The Knife won a Grammis award as best pop group of the year 2003, but they boycotted the ceremony by sending two representatives of another artist group dressed as gorillas with the number 50 written on their costumes as a protest against male dominance in the music industry. Their album Deep Cuts was also nominated for a Grammis as the best record of the year 2003, although that award went to The Cardigans.

VIZUAL: Silent Shout: An Audio Visual Experience is a live DVD from The Knife, taken from the April 12, 2006 concert at the Trädgår'n, Gothenburg, Sweden, in their 2006 Silent Shout tour. It was released in Sweden in November 2006 on The Knife's Rabid Records label.

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